Voidless Vacuum Reflow Oven 10 Zones


The 1911MK5-VR is suitable for high volume manufacturing with 364cm (143”) of heated length from (10) convection and (3) infrared heated zones. It delivers high levels of repeatability and low delta T’s consistently, with the lowest maintenance and cost of ownership. 

Technische Daten

Oven Length 590cm
Process Gas Options Air, Nitrogen, Formic Acid, forming gas
Heated Zones Convection: 10 Top / 10 Bottom IR: 3 Top
Heated Length (Convection/Total) 262 cm / 364 cm
Cool Zones 3 Top (Bottom Option)
Max Working Temperature (Convection / IR) Standard: 350°C / 400°C, Option: 400°C / 480°C
Min Vacuum Standard:10 Torr Option: < 10 Torr
Max Board Size 500mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 29mm (H)
Cleanroom Option Down to Class 1000

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