Low Void Curing

Today’s increasing durability and reliability standards are making void free curing a necessity.

Issues Caused by Voids

  • Reduced adhesion of device to substrate
  • Reduced thermal performance
  • Electrical failures from “solder creep”
  • Lower reliability & shorter lifetime+

Pressure Curing Removes Voids

As pressure is increased, more gas molecules are able to dissolve (Henry’s Law)

  • Henry’s Law – The amount of dissolved gas in a liquid is proportional to its partial pressure above the liquid.
  • Increasing pressure during the curing process removes voids.

Pressure Curing Oven Process

  • A Pressure Cure Oven (PCO), or Autoclave, is used to minimize voiding and increase adhesion strength for a variety of bonding and curing application.
  • A PCO pressurizes a rigid chamber with air or Nitrogen and maintains a pressure profile during the curing cycle as defined by the recipe.
    Convection heaters and heat exchangers maintain a recipe-defined thermal profile during the entire curing cycle.

A typical PCO temperature and Pressure profile.

Typical PCO Applications

  • Die Attach Curing
  • Underfill Curing
  • Ag Sintering Cure
  • MEMS Sealing
  • Taping / Lamination
  • PCB Via Fill
  • Encapsulation Curing
  • Composite Forming

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