HM 520 HS

HM 520 HS

Cutting-edge Modular Mounter


Actual productivity is highest among machines of the same class
· Optimized to high quality production
· Unmanned, non-stop and zero defect using the Smart Factory S/W Solution


Technische Daten

Alignment Fix Camera
Number of Spindles 20 spindles x 2 Gantry (Rotary Type)
 Placement Speed  80,000 CPH
Placement Accuracy ±25 μm @ Cpk ≥ 1.0 (Chip)
Component Range 0201 ~ □ 6 mm


High Speed

20 Spindle Head (Rotary Type)
Recognizes 20 spindles quickly at a with the fix camera by designing the head to be and light.

High Reliability

Prevents Non-insertion by the Side View Camera
Checks for the existence of a nozzle and the posture of a picked component during production, and inspects the state before and after the component placement to prevent non-placement of the component.

Flexible Production

Family Job Change
Minimizes the mo changing by arranging the feeders and nozzles in common when producing family mos.

Easy Operation

LED Rank / Random
Possible to register components different by LED rank and arrange placement points at random by LED or.


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